Welcome to Jolly Tech

Welcome to Jolly Tech Ventures, 

your favorite neighborhood tech company

Jolly Tech Ventures is an excellent tech company with one objective. 

To develop meaningful solutions that is accessible to everyone for free (donations and investors are welcome).


People is the most important aspect of every day life.

Here in Jolly Tech, collaboration is the key to achievement in any activities. We call this endeavours, and we call the people involved in this endeavours our greatest heroes.

Heroes are the people who are highly empowered, resourceful and outstanding individuals who work together to achieve a common goal - to break from the norm.

There is no success or failures but just attempts and efforts spent to ensure everyone is happy with the outcome.

In IT, there are so many methodologies, frameworks, guidelines, standard operating procedures, etc but here in Jolly Tech, we go further to prove that the norm is not the standard :)

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Process is the foundation of any enduring achievements. It can be as simple as 1,2,3 or as complex as artificial intelligence or as natural as a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly.

Synergy is the word we use here in Jolly Tech as it rhymes with energy. With a truly excellent team of heroes, be it within and without, and an endearing base of people, we want to achieve greater heights in the most energetic and fun manner in our every day endeavours.

Be it our customers, ourselves, family and loved ones .. we want to achieve the very best to give the most joy.

Put it simply, we want to put the technology we use every day and make it better and more jolly to use for everyone. 

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It is wonderful yet confusing. It is stunning yet methodical. But don't be surprised. This is the world we live in today, driven by the desire to improve technology and to make it more useful every single day.

What makes it so useful ? what makes it so wonderful ? the technology is driven by people and process. Our heroes working in synergy to achieve the desired outcome that will be jolly to use for all.

Here in Jolly Tech, we are not making it not about people nor about process or technology. It is about inspiration

It is about reaching out with a helping hand (pardon the pun) and putting all three into motion in one synergy to reach and achieve an endeavour that will last a lifetime. Something that one day we will look back and say to our next generation .. "this is what we endeavoured to build and this is our achievement" 

This can then inspire the children and the youths ... "can we do the same ?"

A bold statement but we don't do the norm here in Jolly Tech.

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